Welcome to eControl Live

Omni developed eControl Live to enable customers and partners to experience eControl's simplified management, provisioning and self-service for Microsoft and Novell systems.

Auto-Login Option

Use the Auto-Login option to access several pre-configured accounts that have varying task and search authorities. You will also notice that some users are configured to manage only Microsoft systems, only Novell systems or mixed Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory and GroupWise systems - from a single browser.

Once You Have Logged In
  • Search: Type "a*" in Object Name field.
  • Explore Tasks: Right-click a user account and explore the available tasks.
  • Login as Different Users: Explore the tasks and search contexts assigned to different users (e.g, help desk operator, HR manager).
  • Explore the eControl Modules: Click the Create and Self-Service tabs to explore eControls's provisioning and Self-Service functions.
How to Login:

1. Auto-Login
This the quickest and easiest way to test-drive ServiceControl. Please note that the auto-login option is only available for ServiceControl Live.

2. Standard Login